Getting ready for Halloween Shows

From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

These Gooblets are getting ready for their debut at Spirits in Sanford.  
They are about 18" tall and hold a battery operated candle so the eye flicker.  They were so much fun to make that I plan on making more when I get back from Orlando shows.  
From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

What a fun piece this was to make!!  While playing around with some clay that was left over from another project, I came up with this design.  I started by sculpting little skeleton parts and accidentally made a scary faced flower.  Knowing that coffin decor is big this season I decided to make my own.  Soon pushing up daisies was coming together.  Creative paperclay and prosculpt were used to complete this project. 

The coffin its self is about 6” in length and about 2” in height.  A little Skelly is tucked inside and wrapped in purple velvet.  As skelly pushes the lid of his coffin up, he also pushes up some scary faced daisies. 

I really enjoyed created this piece and I hope you see the fun in it.

Happy Fall and Halloween Witches,
Susie K, The Irish Witch of Willow Hollow

Designed and created by Susie Krichbaum

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