Flidais the Goddess of Forest Woodlands and Wild Creatures

From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

Meet Flidais, Goddess of forest, woodlands and wild creatures.
From the mind of “The Irish Witch of Willow Hollow Creations” where  ….a little witch craft…..I mean, little witches that I craft can be found.
Flidais is free standing at about 12”.  She is a combination of soft and clay sculpture on a metal cage base. Her body and arms are made of osnaburg and stuffed very firm, her face and hands are hand sculpted using paper clay and sculpty clays.  No molds were used.  Her hair is created from the red fiber found in the saw palmetto pines we have here in Florida.  I wanted something earthy and it worked out perfectly.  
Flidais’ dress is green velvet with matching hooded cape that is adorned with a feather collar.  Her bodice and under dress are a lacy green fabric.  She wears her red crystal for courage and for the healing properties.  She also carries a well-used book that she studies to strengthen her “Spirit, Mind and Body”; you can even see the edge of the page details that I created with paperclay.
An Irish Witch Production
Designed and Created by Susie Krichbaum of Willow Hollow Creations



  1. I'm hoping this is the right place to comment for the blog hop giveaway. I do so want to be among the prospective winners. Love your green faced witch!

  2. Thank you Nancy, It was the post above but I have you entered..