Jack Out of the Box

From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

There are those pieces that you truly love making.  This one was so fun as it came together.  Jack is popping out the of box and seems just a tad surprised.
This piece sold at Spirits in Sanford Oct 2015

The other me.................

From the mind of the Irish Witch........

Sometimes I feel I have a split personality. My favorite me by far is the newest me that is creating a lot of "Witchy Craft". But on the other hand, there's this side of me....not very scary or witchy at all. 

I wish the photos were better, but this is a floor cloth I created sometime ago.  It is with one of my customers now, but it's one of my favorites.  I designed this one shortly after a dear family friend gave me a few of her quilts she collected before she passed away.  I always thought I would create a floor cloth quilt line in her honor and I still may do so.
I would love to know what you think.....feedback is oh so good.

Floor Cloth inspired by early 1600-1700 coverlet

From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

For most this won't seem to "Witchy", but this is a floor cloth I designed using coverlet inspired colors and shapes from the 1600's; the time of the Salem Witch Trials.
This is available for purchase on Etsy at the link below.

Art you just can't put away

From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

Christmas is all tucked away until next year, all but these two little pieces. I like to keep these in my studio along with other pieces I acquire from the artists I meet online and at shows. This way I can enjoy them all year long. So much better than any commercial products. Thank you Chuck McClenning and Debb George for sharing your talents.