From the mind of the Irish Witch...........

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Halloweenies© by Susie K

"Halloweenies©" are my newest creation.  Little miniature semi- posable dolls that are little kiddos with masks on, each are 6" tall seated and about 10" tall with legs outstretched.  They come to your door with their little trick or treat buckets expecting goodies. 
The side view picture of the clown shows the “mask” attached to a little kids face.
These that are pictured are only a few designs that I have made.  Gone to caring homes are several others such as, Dracula, Frankenstein and his bride, black cat, pumpkin man, mummy even little Charlie Brown. 
Hand sculpted with paperclay and carefully painted and dressed.  A hang tag with the following description is attached to each Halloweenie. 

We are the wee ones
 that got all dressed up and yelled
“Trick or Treat”
on your door steps

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